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Bring me your Camaros!!! If I don't have it (ANY Camaro) I want it.


1999 First Editions

`38 Phantom Corsair - non-whitewalls

Monte Carlo Concept Car - 3Sp

360 Modena - 5Ho


1998 First Editions 

Jaguar XK8 - white int.

Mercedes SLK - 5Ho+black int

Road Runner - 5Ho

Go Kart - 3Sp

Tow Jam - undipped base; large tampo

Mustang Mach I - 5Ho

Bad Mudder - no roof tampo

Dodge Concept Car - purple int.


1997 First Editions

Saltflat Racer - Thailand

`59 Impala - 7Sp

BMW M Roadster - 3Sp; black bottom

Scorchin' Scooter - Blue tinted engine


1996 First Editions

1996 Mustang GT - 7Sp; 5Sp; 3Sp; SB

Chevy 1500 - large wheels; China

1970 Charger Daytona - LW; #368 card

Street Cleaver - any w/ flames

Rail Rodder - Unchromed engine & wheels

Road Rocket - #369 card

Turbo Flame (Sizzlers) - "Turbo Flame" card

Dogfighter - 5Ho; SB; 5Sp + unchromed base


1995 Model Series

Speed Blaster - green + wh5Ho, 3Sp or 5Sp

Mercedes SL - Red w/tan int. +UH or 5Sp

`58 Corvette - Pink

Speed-A-Saurus - Green

Power Pistons - "Power Rocket" on card

Dodge Ram - 5Sp; wh5Ho

Camaro Conv. - red + 3Sp; green + 5sp or 3Sp

Power Pipes - 5Sp

Ferrari 355 - any w/o stripe; 5Ho w/ stripe

Power Rocket - 5Sp; 5Ho

Big Chill - no tampo 

Series Cars

Real Riders Series (1995):

Dump Truck

Mercedes-Benz Unimog

`59 Caddy

Corvette Stingray


1997 Holiday cars:

`33 Ford Convertible


1996 Holiday cars:

Classic Nomad

Porsche Targa


Limited Editions

Edelbrock Corvette Stingray

Ruby Red, Pink Passion

1995 Treasure Hunt #3 `67 Camaro

Lexmark Chevelle SS

1999 Convention cars

McDonald's Charities Chevelle

Van deKamp's GTO




Popular Hot Rodding 4-car set

Coca-Cola Race Team set

Smoke N' Water set

El Woody Custom Cars

Fire Workz set

1970 El Camino (Blue) 






 S'Cool Bus

Whip Creamer



Always seeking loose redlines in fair to good condition

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